1 - Right Customers
is CRITICAL at This Moment
2 - Frequency
Once is Never Enough
You Must Reach Them
4 - Cross-X
Cross Pollinating Across Our
Network of Scottsdale Websites
MULTIPLIES Your Ad Effectiveness

An Innovative Business Model


The Scottsdale Digital Group is a digital media company that offers businesses a cost effective and efficient group of advertising platforms, while delivering useful and sought-after content to the online audience in the digital marketing world.

xms systemThis interrelated group of websites focuses on the, social, cultural, and economic interests of both guests and residents of Scottsdale, coming together to form a true Digital Community.

Lower Advertising Costs

Lower advertising costs and access to larger audiences, plus the cohesive coordination of the websites, equals a powerful marketing option for local businesses and those trying to reach this affluent community.

Cross-Pollination Marketing (XPM)

The Scottsdale Digital Group is developing a lifestyle marketing continuum that features cutting edge editorial, advertorial, advertising, video, all integrated into multiple social media platforms, resulting in a Cross-Pollination Marketing system, (XPM) allowing advertising between vertical market websites.

This digital product line benefits Scottsdale consumers as they can view multiple market niches, allowing them to discover, compare, and experience a full array of lifestyle products and services.

Advertisers benefit by extending their message across multiple target demographics within a single community, significantly increasing the probabilities of reaching potential customers and creating a superior return on their advertising investment.

The Value

The value of the Scottsdale Digital Group’s product line is significant. The domain and social media names are SEO specific, communicate a powerful image, are easily recognizable, identify the product line, and have strong brand association.

This combined digital product line can effectively, and efficiently serve the unique and specific needs of the digital advertiser.


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